Ostrow Award

The Norman S. Ostrow Award is a symbol for our aspirations, namely the defense of liberty and the preservation of individual rights.


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Tickets are no longer available to the 2022 luncheon


Former Recipients of the Norman S. Ostrow Award

Milton S. Gould
Arthur L. Liman
Gustave H. Newman
Charles A. Stillman
Paul R. Grand
Michael F. Armstrong
Leonard F. Joy
James M. LaRossa
Peter Fleming, Jr.
Ronald P. Fischetti
Theodore V. Wells, Jr.
Robert G. Morvillo
Thomas J. Concannon
Audrey Strauss
Frederick P. Hafetz
John R. Wing
Andrew M. Lawler
Benjamin Brafman
Peter J. Neufeld
Barry C. Scheck
Elkan Abramowitz
Mark F. Pomerantz
Roland Thau
Mary Jo White
Gary Naftalis
Gerald B. Lefcourt
Barry A. Bohrer
Gerald L. Shargel
Andrew J. Levander
Linda C. Imes
Frank H. Wohl
Alexandra A.E. Shapiro
Isabelle A. Kirshner
Barry H. Berke